Reporting & Analytics

Manage spend reporting & analytics, including spend classification, opportunity analysis and savings tracking

Justice Bid’s Reports and Anayltics capabilities allow buying organizations to create, publish and share detailed reports with departments and/or management. Our customers are able to view live data of their procurement activity as a whole, as well as drill down by individual events (RFI, RFP, e-Auction) for further details. These reports can be viewed in an graphical interface that is both visually attractive and easy to navigate, and they can be exported into Excel for further analysis and dissemination.

  • Reporting & Analytics. Enables procurement to develop reports and perform analysis on spend, supplier base, compliance, and other spend-related data.
  • Predictive Analytics – Via our PaaS offering, provides the most likely outcomes based on actual conditions. Procurement can forecast spend, based on anticipated changes in the business and pricing based on external factors.
  • Scorecards – Easy-to-read, real-time graphical snapshot of performance outputs of procurement, based on a set of effectiveness and efficiency metrics. This enables instantaneous, informed decision-making.
  • Risk Analysis – Via our PaaS offering, identifies business risks to the supplier base, including pricing risk, compliance risk, geographical risk, disaster risk and others. Also helps define preventative measures and detecs counter-measures to successfully deal with risk scenarios.
  • JB Analyze – Analyzes copious amounts of data to identify trends that offer meaningful insights. Procurement can better understand spending, supplier performance and external pricing trends.