Low-Cost Country Sourcing

We Go Beyond Legal

Growing CONSUMPTION and increased consumer DEMANDS are driving a more INTERNATIONAL approach to SOURCING. Companies are going further and FURTHER AFIELD in the hunt for the LOWEST COST suppliers. The task of the PROCUREMENT team is to remember that sometimes in LIFE, and in BUSINESS, you get what you pay for. CHEAPER may be better on paper but what additional RISKS do you need to account for? LOW COST COUNTRY SOURCING is much more than the price of goods, services, and labor. It requires LOCAL KNOWLEDGE in every country. Are you prepared?

JUSTICE BID Procurement helps customers prepare for and implement the change to LOW COST COUNTRY SOURCING. With over 1,000 procurement specialists on the ground, we use LOCAL RESOURCES with LOCAL KNOWLEDGE of markets and suppliers to INTERROGATE your entire value chain. By viewing the world as a GLOBAL MARKET PLACE, we enable true GLOBAL SOURCING.

TOP drivers for launching low cost country sourcing initiatives


The growing rate of market consumption continues to drive changes in manufacturing. The pace isn’t slowing down. Consumer demands are accelerating faster than ever and businesses are adopting new practices to fulfill customer needs. Growth opportunities are limited only by customer pricing expectations. Successful procurement teams are therefore helping their businesses remain competitive by extending their sourcing reach. The traditional strategy of sourcing within local markets is giving way to a broader, more international approach to global sourcing – specifically from low cost countries.

As manufacturing companies often have their revenues tied up in supplies and materials, Low Cost Country Sourcing is a highly effective way of releasing trapped cash and improving profitability. But the techniques are often complex and Low-Cost Country Sourcing strategies require careful planning, monitoring and support. Small victories may be achieved by procurement teams sourcing in low-cost countries tactically, but a sustained strategic effort, often including significant investment and risk, is required to ensure long-term business success for many organizations.

Justice Bid Procurement helps customers prepare for and implement the changes associated to Low Cost Country Sourcing. We understand the sensitivities of change from locally sourced products to overseas, but we also understand that you can’t continue to subsidize suppliers today and expect to be in business tomorrow. We manage the transition for you.

How We Help

The transition to Low Cost Country Sourcing requires considerable planning. It’s not an overnight fix. Justice Bid Procurement helps customers to understand how a new country strategy will impact their wider business objectives in the medium/long term. We help to answer the questions of risk that are asked of any plan for Low Cost Country Sourcing. Will the goods be available? Will the supply be constant? Will business IP be compromised? We interrogate the entire value chain before establishing any new sourcing model. Commercial drivers and increasing profits are often the triggers for country sourcing change, but Justice Bid Procurement recognizes the importance of maintaining quality standards when customers are preparing to change and we help support and maintain those needs while also delivering the business imperatives.

Our market expertise helps to build strength into our customer’s organizations. We help establish the relative priorities for nearshore or farshore solutions to achieve a stronger, more robust balance of sourcing options to meet customer objectives.

Whether our customers intend to source within their known economic and geographic zones (China, Asia, Americas, Europe) or extend their secondary supply markets worldwide, they rely on Justice Bid Procurement to achieve global reach across all vertical markets.

What we do

Justice Bid Procurement improves the way businesses source products and services necessary to their success by viewing the world as a global marketplace. A customer will not usually find everything it needs in one place, so they benefit from the sourcing hubs established and maintained by Justice Bid Procurement in China, Europe, The Americas and AsiaPac.

Low Cost Country Sourcing strategies are particularly well served by the sourcing and transactional hubs established by Justice Bid Procurement in China. We are able to remove the obstacles of language and culture by providing global networks that are equally effective and aligned to local market conditions anywhere in the world.

JUSTICE BID low cost country sourcing benefits

By prioritizing sourcing spend suited to Low Cost Country Sourcing, we increase customer benefits and reduce potential risks. And because Justice Bid’s people and processes are already proven and well established, we are able to deliver at speed. Our consultancy services are enabled by JB’s suite of innovative procurement technologies that are central to the success of our Low Cost Country Sourcing strategies. Low Cost Country Sourcing is a next logical step for businesses seeking to use strategic sourcing to build corporate strength and competitive advantage in an ever-growing (and ever-shrinking) world. Justice Bid Procurement has the global expertise, worldwide footprint and world-class tools to deliver in all markets.