JB’s Legal Innovators of the Roundtable

Sir Thomas Mallory once wrote extensively about King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. One of the prerequisites to joining this elite Roundtable was commitment to chivalry. The Knights were bonded by a silent code, one built on a strong foundation of trust, respect, and loyalty.

We at Justice Bid are building our own version of the Roundtable – JB’s Legal Innovators of the Roundtable. We strongly believe that innovation and product development is driven by collaborating with those who we have set out to help. At the core of our beta was the continuous and relentless process of customer discovery, customer feedback, constant iteration, and ongoing communication with our beta users. As we now phase out of the beta stage of our company, we are embarking upon the next phase that will require innovation taken to the next level, hence, necessitating creation and formalizing of a JB’s Legal Innovators of the Round Table. Seated around this table, are forward thinkers, innovators, and influencers who have the mindset to accept and embrace risk, while also spearheading the movement into the next generation of innovation in our industry.

JB Roundtable request

Our Roundtable is a virtual roundtable, but the conversations and results are real.

Our Knights are forward thinkers, disrupters, and innovators in our space.

Our time is now … and our code is collaborating to push innovation while being bonded by trust, loyalty, and respect.

Are you interested in being considered for JB’s Legal Innovators of the Round Table group?

Are you interested to join and learn more about your what your role at the table would look like?

Let’s have a conversation. Connect with us and we look forward to you having you take your seat at the table and collaborate with other like-minded “Knights.”

Join our Round Table and become part of an elite group of thought leaders, bonded by respect, trust, and loyalty.