JB Challenge

Nowadays, most technology companies believe they are the best in their respective space.

What we at JB believe is that our solution is only as good as how well we know the problem we are solving, and the people we are solving it for. Because we constantly spend extensive time on research, customer discovery, customer feedback, and iteration, the strength of our technology is attributed to you. And we pride ourselves on being the best because our customers believe so.

Because we want to ensure every prospective client sees the benefit of the work we can do for them, and because we want to ensure they experience first-hand how our solution will solve real problems they are experiencing without risk, we are offering up the JB Challenge.

We are so confident that we can deliver real and sustainable value that has an immediate ROI, we have set out to give you a glimpse of what it would be like to be working with us at Justice Bid. That means, you have access to our technology, our people, and our expertise, and you get to experience what a true legal technology partnership looks like. During this glimpse, consider us by your side every step of the way – an extension of your legal procurement team.

What better way to buy in to a solution being offered to you?


Your First RFP is on us!

No Commitments. No obligations. No cost.

Let us prove to you that Justice Bid technology delivers: saving you an average of 22% on your legal spend, streamlining your negotiation processes, helping build sustainable best practices, and protecting valuable sourcing intellectual property.

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