Company Intelligence

To maximize competition within each e-Auction, JB integrates Dun & Bradstreet’s Companies Database, giving users instant access to data on over 200 million of the most reputable law firms and other businesses in the world as potential bidders/suppliers. We have added enhanced search capabilities to this data and enabled potential bidders to be imported directly into sourcing projects at the touch of a button. JB technology enables procurement professionals to be more informed and more efficient – working smarter, not harder.
The D&B database is also an invaluable source of Company Intelligence for qualification of existing and potential vendors. Key data points such as company financials, ownership structures, and other relevant details can be interrogated at any time.
We maintain RFP templates for the legal category and most other commonly sourced categories, so you can easily take advantage of best practices rather than re-invent the wheel.
Our Contract Planning suite incorporates the Seal Software discovery engine, which can identify contract documents automatically using intelligent Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms, thereby removing the need for expensive staff resources to find and collate contracts.