Category Insights

Customized intelligence – cut out all the noise and dive straight into what’s relevant for you

Category & Market Insights from JUSTICE BID PROCUREMENT supplies category SPECIFIC DATA and insight that TRANSFORMS strategic sourcing managers into CATEGORY EXPERTS overnight. We have more than 1,000 procurement analysts CONSTANTLY UPDATING market information and extracting insight from that data. Market TRENDS, relevant SUPPLIERS, pricing HISTORY and DRIVERS, e-RFP and e-AUCTION TEMPLATES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS and company DYNAMICS all collated, distilled and delivered to you.

Major challenges for businesses in collecting and using category data

In an age of TECHNOLOGY and DATA, business DECISION MAKING is ACCELERATING rapidly. Businesses need more than market data, they need MARKET INSIGHT. The challenge of extracting meaningful INSIGHT to influence the BUYING DECISION is a priority. Businesses need industry commentary and ADVICE across vertical markets and GLOBAL TERRITORIES. Winning doesn’t depend on having more information, it’s about having RELEVANT INFORMATION at the right time.

Category & Market Insights provides:

The more relevant we make the information, the more value it holds – improving procurement decisions, building business strength, accelerating business success. We achieve this by subscribing to, monitoring and analyzing many data feeds and tracker services so that you don’t have to. Our analysts use JB Procurement Technology to find and filter the data most relevant to your procurement needs and provide expert commentary on their findings.

Justice Bid has over 1,000 procurement specialists around the world constantly updating sources of market information and applying insight to that data. Their expertise is focused exclusively on the needs of procurement professionals.

Non-Legal Categories:

  • There is a world of data out there – analyzing too much information can be as futile as not analyzing any. Today’s supply chain professionals need timely access to only the most relevant market intelligence for their requirements.
  • JB works with customers to understand their supply chains. We identify key metrics that influence the company, such as exchange rates from current or potential trade regions and commodity prices for key inputs. We focus on trends and forecasts rather than spot data, which often has little or no direct value in e-Sourcing. By augmenting market data with industry and category-specific reports, JB provides an integrated view of how a supply chain is being affected and what drivers are influencing them. Relevant market intelligence and insights ensure that your supply chain professionals are aware of the changes taking place in your supply chain and can take early pre-emptive action.